Sew a Pet Bed


Dog and cat beds—especially eco-friendly ones made of hemp, organic cotton, and recycled PET—can get pricey, costing upwards of at least $60. So when it became obvious that recent adoptee Mir needed a place to snooze other than our seriously peeved older cat's window-sill hangout, we decided to follow Lori Marie's lead and haul out the sewing machine.

To make our bed as low-impact (and low-cost) as possible, we used fabric leftovers saved from past projects. We even overstuffed our catnapper with polyfill salvaged from a few retired cushions. All that was left for us to do was insert the cat, a maneuver that encountered little resistance. (Tip: The thicker the tube you sew, the higher the "wall" surrounding the bed.) ::Pretty Little Things

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Difficulty level: Moderate

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