Seventh Annual "Change a Light, Change the World" Kicks Off


From South Africa to Long Island to Ontario, individuals, organizations, and governments are getting behind the bulb -- the compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). On October 4, the US Department of Energy's ENERGY STAR program kicked off the seventh year of its "Change a Light, Change the World" campaign, which asks families, businesses and anyone else who uses light to pledge to change at least one conventional incandescent bulb to an ENERGY STAR-rated CFL. The campaign hopes to convince 500,000 individuals to take the pledge.In addition to encouraging individuals to make the switch, the campaign has organizing materials for organizations, schools, churches (in PDF), and even politicians. Organizations particularly are asked to become "pledge drivers," and commit to asking 100 people or more to take the pledge.The campaign also has ample materials for retailers to promote "Change a Light, Change the World" in their stores.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the pledge, change as many bulbs as you can, and if you need more encouragement, take a look at the many reasons why CFLs are smart for the environment and your home budget. ::ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign 2006 via The Inspired Economy