Seven Deadly Sins Survey: Greed


Humphrey Bogart in Key Largo asking Johnny Rocco: what is it you want? Rocco wants..."More. Thats right, More! "

Could this be the deadliest Treehugger sin? While the questions are similar to our earlier envy post, we found a definition with three forms of greed:

1) an obsessive desire for ever more material goods and the attendant power.
2) a fearful need to store up surplus goods for a vaguely defined time of want.
3) a desire for more earthly goods for their own sake.

While point two might be reasonable in the face of a Y2K, TreeHugger always promotes living with less, unless it is solar powered or made of bamboo. We promote Product Service Systems, the antithesis of ownership. Others would say that our economy and culture runs on shopping, that if everyone had this attitude we would have no economy. How greedy are you?...