Seven Days to Green Your Life


TreeHugger believes that everyone can do something every day to make our world a greener place; there are hundreds of ways to do this, so where should you start? Donnachadh McCarthy, one of Britain's leading expert in green living, believes seven days is all it takes to cast aside the bad habits of a lifetime, and he's written down a week's worth of ways to go a little greener every day. Considering what he calls "the seven deadly eco sins" -- transportation, energy, water, waste, work, pollution and food -- he lays out a week's worth of actions for each "sin," showcasing all the ways that we can all start (or keep up) changing for the better, starting tomorrow. These include simple things that we've trumpeted many times before; taken separately, they seem small and inconsequential, but added together, especially into the course of just one week, seem to make a much bigger difference. From going vegetarian for a week to bringing your own shopping bag (and counting how many you save) to cutting disposable products out of your life, they are all small changes that are easy to start and replicate over a lifetime. All are worth a read at ::The Independent via ::Hugg