Set Your TiVo: domino & TreeHugger on the Today Show Tomorrow!


We're excited to announce that the fine folks at domino magazine will be on NBC's Today Show tomorrow morning (Thursday, February 22), trumpeting the benefits and ease of going green to Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Al Roker and company. They'll be talking about domino's green issue that TreeHugger consulted on, and featuring some great green products that we helped them pick out. While there won't be a TreeHugger rep on the show, we're happy to be garnering a mention as the magazine's partner in their big green issue, and we hope everyone who has the opportunity will watch. It's looking like it'll be happening in the second half of the show, probably between 9 - 10 am; we'll have more details after a dress rehearsal this afternoon and will update the post then. So set your TiVo or tune in tomorrow morning (visit the Today Show website to help figure out what channel to watch) to see more tips, designs and other fruit from the TH/domino green tree. ::Today Show and ::domino's Green List

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