Seriously, this is really funny: Clowns Without Borders!

Clowns Without Borders is a 'not for profit' NGO which travels around the world bringing smiles and moments of joy to those in crisis. They work in war zones, natural disaster areas, refugee camps and disadvantaged social areas. Their aim is to work mostly with traumatised children, watching over and improving their psychological condition. "A smile has the potential to bring back a collective psychological balance, it promotes social and creative values, as well as tolerance and diversity within communities."
Payasos Sin Fronteras was founded in Barcelona in 1993 following the success of an 'Education for Peace' project where the Catalonian artist Tortell Poltrona performed in front of 700 children in a refugee camp in Croatia. The performance exceeded all expectations and conclusively proved that humour provides great psychological support to those in need. Since that first performance the numbers of clown expeditions to crisis areas around the world has steadily increased and there are now Clown Without Borders teams based in France, Belgium, Sweden, Canada and the States.
The Clowns are volunteers from all areas of the performing arts who work without any political or social agenda. Nor do they work under the guise of educators or social commentators. They perform with a keen awareness of the local cultural environment and are sensitive to the often difficult and traumatic situations the children find themselves in. Their motivation is simply to alleviate fear and sadness by bringing smiles to the faces of those who need it most. And as we all know, laughter is always the best medicine.

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