Send Your Books "Into the Wild" with

The good folks at invite TreeHuggers to add a fourth "R" to the sustainability trinity of reduce, reuse, recycle re-GIFT! Launched four years ago by Humankind Systems, Inc., the online book tracking and trading service encourages people to regift books "into the wild" by leaving good reads in random locations. An online journal tracks the book's journey as it ventures into the hands (and hearts) of new readers.Inspired by sites such as that tracks dollar bills and a site that tracks disposable cameras, was designed to facilitate an online community bound by the special intimacy that comes from having shared a great read. Co-Founder Ron Hornbaker concedes that it will be several years before a critical mass is reached and the number of registered books 'released' matches the number of registered books 'found.' But Hornbaker's faith in karmic connections and his belief in the power of online communities keep his passion for the project burning bright.

Perhaps one day you will experience a Great Convergence and discover a BookCrossing read that was released by a TreeHugger. Now wouldn't that be somethin'? [By Erin Oliver]