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Here's a new way to send those paper-free electronic invites to your latest eco-friendly bash, shindig, or hootenanny: Pingg, a free Web 2.0-fortified service that lets you disseminate your party deets via e-mail or SMS/text, as well as through various social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

And if you prefer old-fashioned, tree-slashing communiques, Pingg will print, stamp, and mail physical postcards for $1.25 plus postage. (No word on whether Pingg uses recycled paper, however.)You also get a customized web page for adding photos, YouTube videos, Google maps, guest-list details, and event updates. Other nifty features allow you to track RSVPs, import and export guest lists, and automate personalized thank-you notes.

For the Dudley Do-Rights of the world, Pingg lets you incorporate charity registries that enable guests to open their virtual wallets to a charity of your choice directly from your event page—perfect for fundraisers or folks who prefer to forsake traditional gift-giving for something more altruistic.

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