Selling Public Lands: Bad. Take Action!


The Bush administration wants us to sell 300,000 acres of public lands to fund rural schools and county governments in 35 states and, maybe, pay off some of our national debt. I don't think I need to explain the short-sightedness and absurdity of this: we can find alternate solutions to pitting kids against precious habitat. In Montana, sportsmen and environmentalists are bucking the preservationist vs. recreation stereotypes and working together on the issue. After all, public lands not only protect vital habitat for bears, wolves and trout, but they belong to all of us. Should they really be sold off, for instance, to developers to build second and third houses for those who want to own a little piece of paradise? We should feel lame if we let our busy lives get in the way of speaking up about this. Learn more here; contact your Senator or Representative. As my bear biologist friend wrote to me, "This proposal has the potential to do more damage to the natural environment and change the landscape of this country than perhaps any other in our lifetime." Via Angela Klinefelter. ::