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At least, that's what is hoping that you'll be able to do. Every year, according to this new organization, screenwriters print out 180 million sheets of paper in their efforts to sell their stories. Within six months of its web site launch, Green Writer hopes to save half that amount, or 90 million pages, by providing a place for screenwriters to freely upload their work in various formats. Now how do they get the readers to forgo the paper habit?Not Treehugger, but tree huggers
GreenWriter is touting itself as a time-saving service for studios and producers where they can first search, and then quickly track down all the information they need about a script (and about writers) that has been submitted to the site. This will help them to create 'coverage reports' that help a script make the rounds inside a studio.

Tearing down the Berlin Wall of Hollywood, greenly
According to Green Writer creator Daniel Riser, the service will read and scrutinize incoming scripts to see if they meet standards for quality. But apart from saving paper, the point of the service is to serve as a global platform for getting good story scripts out to those that want to make movies.

"There is a huge brick wall separating actors (even A list) from great material because of self-interest groups within the studio system, Riser said. tears down that wall by marketing directly to actors to find screenplays written specifically for them."

Riser said the search function at Green Writer will allow actors to type in their name and see one-sentences descriptions of any scripts written specifically for them. Green Writer also intends to launch an iPhone application that allows searches of the 'actor tagging' feature. An RSS feed will keep those interested updated on new scripts.

Riser said building up a critical mass of around 10,000 scripts will be key to getting studios to use the service. Of course, the hope is that once studios or others do download scripts they'll use a Kindle or another reader to review them.

GreenWriter is twittering to try to build up followers and get the word out. The service will be free to writers and cost studios $49.99 a month or $4.99 per script download. It is scheduled to launch at the end of August.

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