Seen in New York: or do nothing

fightglobalwarming.jpgI’ve been asking around and I can tell you, on the whole New Yorkers are quite upset about the odd weather we’ve been experiencing of recent. As a concept, global warming has entered into the public awareness in a big way. Its being reinforced by the wacky weather. Citizens are concerned and want to know what they can do to stop it.

All around New York, phone booths feature the above advertisement. These cheeky public service announcements provoke New Yorkers to either fight global warming or do nothing. The idea is to drive audiences to the website a site that provides information on the causes, science, and consequences of global warming. A large part of the site focuses on what every person can do to reduce their energy consumption and therefore do their part to help slow and reverse global warming. The PSAs are courtesy of The Ad Council, Environmental Defense, and ::Ogilvy & Mather


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