SEE Toys Taps Into Local, Renewable Energy Source: Kids Everywhere


Ever wondered what to do with the endless amount of energy your child seems to possess at all the wrong times? Well, how about considering a new line of toys that uses an LED and has batteries that are constantly recharged by your own child's boundless enthusiasm for playing with them? They're the brainchild of Sun Yu, co-founder and president of the Zen Design Group, who's decided to call them "SEE Toys", for safety, ecology, and economy. He admits that the timing is terrific as people are becoming more and more environmentally aware, but confesses that when he came up with the idea it was really part of a quest to get rid of batteries; that bane of parents and the assorted relations of small children everywhere. Ultimately, the toys are designed for kids 5 years and up, prices range from $19.99 to $29.99, and the initial line of 5 toys includes creatures like Dynafly, a bug with moveable arms and head and flexible antennae whose crank when turned causes the bug to buzz and laugh while the LED factors in to make his bug eyes light up and his tail glow red while your child is busy running around the house enjoying the process Of course, if you can convince them to play with it exclusively you may never have to buy batteries again, so if you want to take a closer peek check out the group's website where they'll be available for purchase sometime next month.

via:: The Detroit News

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