Sector 9's Pintail Bamboo Skateboard


Way back in '04 we noted Shiva-Tech were making skateboards from one of our favourite materials - yep, you guessed it - bamboo. Seems that link is no longer valid. So, how fortuitously was it that Tipster Tony P had found Sector 9, huh? They make three models of bamboo skate, including one for shorter enthusiasts. But the Pintail (pictured here) will suit, should you have the "need for speed". Apparently, as we've discussed before with surfboards and snowboards bamboo gets right close to giving ideal pop, spring, rebound or general responsiveness. The Gear Guys describe the Pintail Longboard as a "downhill demon ... more stable and maneuverable at higher speeds than any other Sector 9 shape." $70 USD for just the deck and about $180 USD for the whole shebang. And, as best as we can make out, Sector 9 craft them in the USA. ::Sector 9 Bamboo Series