Second Lives: A Mixture of Frailties by Susie MacMurray

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Susie MacMurray
used with permission of the artist

The new Museum of Arts and Design has not been getting great reviews and neither has its opening show, Second Lives. I think that the critics are perhaps a bit harsh, there is some great stuff in it. Everything in it is recycled or repurposed. One of my favourites is Susie MacMurray's "A Mixture of Frailties"- a dress made out of 1400 rubber "washing up" gloves, as they call them in the UK.

susie macmurray closeup photo

The artist writes in the catalogue: "My choice of materials is a search for ways to explore the contradictions and paradoxes of human existence. I am often attracted to "Stuff" that generates a measure of ambivalence. Memory/mortality, power/fragility, seduction/repulsion, terror/wonder- I am drawn to materials that help me make sense of these juxtapositions, and I see sites and cultural references as further materials that must be juggled and finely balanced until nothing superfluous remains." ::Susie MacMurray at the ::Museum of Arts and Design

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