Second Growth: William Stranger's Art Installation "Invokes the Life Cycle of a Tree"

Image courtesy of Pasadena Museum of California Art
Second Growth, First Class Art
An exhibition by William Stranger opens tomorrow at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, and it'll focus on the life cycle, and post-life activity, of trees. The primary idea is to give discarded tree parts a second life—and therefore the exhibit will feature pieces made mostly from salvaged and neglected materials.The concept, and the installation's title, stem from second growth forests, those forests that have grown up in the same land as woodland that was previously logged, clear-cut, or deforested. Stranger will use the salvaged materials in conjunction with finely crafted furniture to fully document the post-forest life of trees. According to the Pasadena Museum's website, Stranger's work will be "Influenced by the structure of trees, buildings and animals," and says that the artist's "work exemplifies restraint, simplicity and harmony."

The installation is shaping up to be a thought provoking look at how once-living things get recycled and reused. The exhibition opens on September 28, and runs through January 4, 2009.

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