Seattle Greendrinks: New Community-Building Website


Regular readers know that TreeHugger loves us some Green Drinks; it's a great way for environmental professionals and eco-minded folks to regularly meet up, have a beer and chat about their green work and green city. With active chapters in 223 cities across the world, chances are there's a monthly happening near you. For nearly four years now, there's been an increasingly powerful Green Drinks web growing across Seattle's environmental community; last week, they launched a new website that brings another dimension to the community, delivering some of the greatest aspects of Seattle Greendrinks to the online community: job postings, forums, member information, and more. In addition to providing info on the next meet up, which happens to be today (and every second Tuesday of the month, starting about 5:30), the site offers online community-building functionality; individuals are encouraged to register, sign in and create their own content to help Seattle's green community continue to grow. If you can't make it to the event tonight, hosted by Stewardship Partners and Conscious Choice, click on over to the site to get involved virtually. Cheers! ::Seattle Greendrinks

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