Sears Offering $99 Home Energy Audits for Earth Day

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When companies get into Earth Day, consumers have a chance to score great deals. It's like Christmas in the Spring. Sears is getting serious about home energy audits as a popular purchase among energy-savvy homeowners, and is feeling generous. In celebration of Earth Day, they're offering $99 home energy audits (usually $550) for one week. If you're in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, you can get a home energy audit for $99 between April 20 and April 26.

An energy audit for your home is basically a way to find out where there are issues with insulation, appliance efficiency, heating and cooling systems and so on. Once you know where the issues are, you can fix up your home to be more energy efficient, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Sears Home Energy Audit has all the bells and whistles to find out the details of your home's efficiency. They're pretty excited about providing the service - only a few months old - and report that when homeowners make the recommended improvements, they can see a utility cost savings of as much as 40%.

Designed as a more comprehensive version of the free home energy audits offered by utility companies, the Sears Home Energy Audit is unique in that it is based on the 30-year principles of home building science and includes the use of advanced diagnostic testing equipment to give homeowners the info they need to realize significant energy and cost savings.

If you drop "Earth Day" when registering for an audit during April 20-26, you'll get the discount. Check out their website for more.

UPDATE: To clairfy, you don't have to get the audit during the week of 4/20-26 in order to get the discount. You just have to register for one during that time. Have fun and make it productive!

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