Sea Shepherd's "Sea No Evil" Activist Art Auction

Teresa Valencia Captain Watson Mosaic image

Teresa Valencia's "Sea Shepherd PhotoMosaic" up for auction.

Captain Paul Watson, Shepard Fairey and Crystal Method are throwing a party and you're invited. For the fourth year, the Sea No Evil Art Show auction and fundraising event will benefit the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It happens this Saturday, July 31. If you're a fan of the Captain's Whale Wars, here's how to get involved. Check out a sampling of the art and more details:

sea no evil logo image

The Sea No Evil Art Show features an impressive line-up of music acts and visual artists at Riverside Municipal Auditorium, starting at 6 pm. Actress Michelle Rodriguez of Avatar is the guest DJ at 7:30 pm, followed by a performance on the roof by singer/songwriter Matt Costa at 8:30, graphic artist Shepard Fairey a/k/a DJ Diabetic takes over spinning discs in the gallery at 9:45, and platinum-selling electronic act Crystal Method does a set at 10:45.

At 9:15, Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and marine environmental activist, will speak about the importance of the organization's work with an update on its efforts, and the state of global marine life.

kozyndan a moment of contact image

Kozyndan's "A Moment of Contact."

What began as a misguided whale watching excursion has been transformed into a event that raises awareness for oceanic conservation and raises money to support Sea Shepherd and its continued campaigns to end illegal whaling in Antarctica, the bloody seal hunt in Canada, dolphin slaughter in Japan and illegal shark finning.

travis lampe Verboten Well image
Travis Lampe's "Verboten Well"

The donated artwork by participating artists includes graphic artist/dissenter Shepard Fairey, Gary Baseman, Jeff Soto, tattoo artist Jun Cha, and Audrey Kawasaki, and those pictured here. The first two shows raised over $85,000, and this year doubles the artwork with 100 artists' paintings, illustrations and sculptures offered on behalf of the cause to preserve the oceans and save endangered mammals. Bidding ends at 10:30.

kev munday refined rabble image
Kev Munday's "Refined Rabble"

Theresa Valencia's statement explains what's behind her "PhotoMosaics:" They're made from over 1000 different images appropriated from Google Image searches, the ICR Whale website, Boycott Canada, and the National Marine Sanctuary Media Library. Her series features images of whales, dolphins, blue fin tuna, Harp seals, sharks -- including the one she's donating (pictured at the top) featuring Captain Paul Watson -- all relating to the battle Sea Shepherd fights. Be an activist and buy the art!

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