Sea Shepherd Founder Paul Watson Will Be Extradited to Costa Rica

captain paul watson sea shepherd photo

Some more updates on the status of Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson, under arrest in Germany: It appears that legal proceedings have begun so that Watson can be extradited to Costa Rica.

Sea Shepherd has put out a call to action, asking supporters to contact the German Ministry of Justice and urge them to overturn the court decision.

Japan Unlikely to Get a Crack at Watson
At the same time, the Japanese media have raised the question of whether, with Watson in custody, they may get a shot at him. Japan Times concludes that's unlikely, due to the fact that Japan has no extradition treaty with either Germany or Costa Rica. Furthermore, Japan only sends police oversees to investigate a case "if the alleged crimes involve, murder, rape or other serious matters" and "the allegations Japan has leveled against him are not serious."

More on Watson's case when we have it.

UPDATE: There's a petition now, too, if you're so inclined.

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