Scythe to Cut A Swath At The EarthDance Film Festival

Living Lightly is a short 24 minute movie about a family in Canada, who have opted to care for themselves and the environment by running a farm with simple human powered tools, especially the scythe. As you'll see in the 10 minute teaser above, the whole family can use a scythe in manner that would befit both a graceful ballet dancer, and a powerful martial arts sensei.

The full length movie can be seen as a part of the EarthDance Short-Attention-Span Environmental Film Festival at David Brower Center, Berkeley, California, in a couple of days time --17 March 2011. (A cinematic smorgasbord of nature, culture and environmental design of 9 films in 90 minutes for $10 USD.)

(More scythe video after the jump.)The family's elegant and energy efficient movements as they swish their scythes clearly illustrates that there is much beauty to be found in physical labour, with well designed hand tools.

See the contrast in the video below, showing a race between a scythe practitioner, taking on a weed eater / line trimmer / whipper snipper / brushcutter wielding gentlemen clad in appropriate protective gear for using such a device. Observe who wins, by what margin, and who has the nearest grass. Also take note of who is making the the most raucous cacophony.

The Vido family of Peter and Faye with their children, Ashley, Kai and Fairlight, captured in Living Lightly also maintain a website called the Scythe Connection, which holds a wealth of information on how to buy and use a scythe. (Lloyd previously referenced a newspaper article on Peter Vido, see links below).

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