Sculpture Prize Winner is Eco-friendly

fourth plinth winner is eco on trafalgar-square photo.jpg

The fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square is an empty pedestal that has been empty since 1841. For the past 8 years there has been a changing exhibition of different sculptures on it, created by contemporary artists, each on display for almost a year. The latest competition featured an eco-option: an illuminated peace sign: 'Faites L'Art, pas La Guerre (Make Art, Not War)' powered by sun and wind. But the winner is Anthony Gormley's "The One and the Other". Over 100 days, members of the public will stand on the plinth 24 hours a day. Each person will take a one-hour shift. It's been called a cross between reality t.v. and speaker's corner.

You couldn't get more ecological or environmental than this. No materials will be used, nothing to recycle, no paper wasted, no paints or pollutants, no freight, no air miles. The only danger to the environment is for the volunteer, breathing the air from the traffic for an hour. As the winner, Mr Gormley, commented: "Through elevation onto the plinth and removal from common ground, the body becomes a metaphor, a symbol and allows us to reflect on the diversity, vulnerability and particularity of the individual in contemporary society." Anthony Gormley is famous for his sculptures using his own body as a model, the most famous being the Angel of the North in Gateshead. :: BBC News