Score Tickets, a Spot Near Coachella's Stage, for Recycling & Energy Feats

photo dj energy factory coachella
Photos via Global Inheritance

The Coachella 2011 music festival sold out in less than a week. Reportedly the fastest sell-out ever. Passes to the Indio, California, fest can still be had, of course. Fake ones are being sold on eBay, even though paper tickets haven't been distributed yet. Global Inheritance, a Los Angeles nonprofit, will be handing out some of the real passes, however, to the winning designers of recycling bins for the Empire Polo Field grounds.And even though the Coachella 2011 lineup including Kanye West, Kings of Leon and Arcade Fire has been announced, there's still a spot next to the stage for talented DJs --- with 18 friends willing to run in hamster wheels, pedal pikes, pump swings and teeter-totter to help power the music-making equipment. The people-power project is called the Energy FACTory DJ Mixer. Info on how to enter is available on this Global Inheritance page.

Back to the recycling bins: Global Inheritance is looking for artists who can transform boring bins into works of arts. Works of art that will make people feel double-ashamed for not recycling. Fifty finalists will be chosen for this reusable art contest, and 25 will win VIP passes to Coachella 2011. The full set of decorated bins will be given away to a high school for use (and inspiration?). Details on designing the bins and how to enter your high school to win are on this Global Inheritance page.

photo coachella recycling bin

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