Say Something! Ocean Voices Project Collects Your Experiences, Impressions Of Our Seas

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What would the world be like without oceans? What does it feel like to be in the ocean? How does the ocean affect your life on a daily basis? These are some of the prompts given to participants in an extraordinary new sound project called Ocean Voices. Last week, the California Academy of Sciences hosted the premiere of Ocean Voices, a project that collects people's thoughts, experiences, impressions and musings on our oceans. It's a powerful listening experience, with layers of sound creating an incredible emotional experience. Halsey Bergund, the mind behind the project, is still collecting voices so you can be part of the project! Plus, check out the iPhone app that lets you listen to clips from Ocean Voices.

The voices were collected via in person interviews, an interactive website (, and cell phone tours at the California Academy of Sciences. Ocean Voices project has already collected over 1000 voices, people speaking up about our seas. The voices are consolidated in an online database, which also features a Google map showing the location of participants so you can better understand their perspectives or hear people who live near the same waterways as you.

The collages of sound clips are presented a user-selected group of voices in a non-linear, semi-randomized fashion that not only provide each participant with a unique audio experience, but also give us the opportunity to hear the thoughts of many other individuals in a musical setting.

ocean voices app

The Ocean Voices App makes it easy for you to listen to the project anytime you want, as well as participate by recording your own thoughts. If you want to be part of the project, check out Ocean Voices, have a listen, and press the record button.

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