Saving The World, One Paperless Greeting Card At A Time


Self-dubbed as a new, small and deeply committed company, Three Leaf is a triple bottom line online greeting card company offering video cards. This might seem like just another greeting card company, but did you know that over 7 billion paper greeting cards are sent each year? That’s a lot of paper. Three Leaf Cards offers members both choice and options, not to mention a really good looking card.

Owners Steve Knaub and Andy Atkins created the company based on the three foci: creating a 1) quality service that benefits 2) society and 3) planet. This triple-bottom line motto is where the three in Three Leaf comes from. The owners met in high school and have remained friends ever since. Three Leaf is their desire to create a company that blends their passion for the environment with their artistic creativity. Just this week, Three Leaf Cards launched its Climate Change Campaign, the first of many cards to support outreach efforts for social issues. The campaign features two free cards online that visitors can send to anyone to encourage support of the issue. In addition, members can elect that 10% of their dues go to an environmental cause, for example, climate change. One card is a funny climate card and the other is a beautiful landscape that reminds recipients to cherish their natural resources.

Designs are created by Andy Atkins, one of the owners, and they are more than just cards, they’re like small, beautiful movies that take you away to soothing, scenic locations. The colors are beautiful and the scenery is photography from actual trips that the owners took. Each card includes an inspirational saying. The cards include soothing music and a video-graphic. Card graphics include major events, such as birthdays and congratulations, but also includes holiday themed cards such as Earth Day and Summer Solstice.

To send a card, you must first join Three Leaf by paying a one-time annual fee which allows you to send unlimited cards. Among the benefits is a scheduler, which means you never miss another birthday or major holiday. In addition, Three Leaf donates 10% of membership fees to non-profit groups, such as TThe Mountain Institute and Conservation Fund. You can choose to donate more than 10% when you sign up. While sending a card to brighten someone’s day, you will know that you’re also giving a small donation to help even more people.

Three Leaf is a very low emission company – all of the employees work from home, have fuel efficient cars and rarely fly. In addition, Green Tags by TerraPass are purchased to offset 100% of their annual carbon footprint.

Triple bottom line, where 10% of money from each membership goes to support non-profits. As the program is still only a few months old, Three Leaf Cards is currently running a 20% off the annual membership fee for new members.

Goal is to eliminate paper greetings. Also paper greetings don’t have the same effect as the video greeting cards. Desire is to be a net-positive company thus ensuring that their positive impact (resources saved and money raised for non-profits) outweighs the negative impacts (carbon-based energy usage).

Three Leaf cards is working with Verde PR, a firm that focuses on sustainable business and incorporating a sustainability platform for each of their clients.

For more information or to check out the Climate Change Campaign, visit them online at Three Leaf

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