"Saved By the Well" Teaches Schoolkids About World Water Crisis

Saved by the Well photo

Photo credit: Dream Village
Dream Village didn't waste any time using the $10,000 grant it won to create its series of children's books, which are aimed at teaching kids about social, economic, and environmental issues. Plus, the fledgling company plans to donate at least 50 percent of its proceeds to a charity selected by its readers via its interactive Web site.

Its first offering, "Saved by the Well," launches on Friday in conjunction with World Water Week. Tackling the subject of water scarcity, the book chronicles the story of a village in Mozambique and how the installation of a PlayPump water system enables it to gain access to clean drinking water. On March 20, more than 1,000 American schoolchildren across 14 different states will be reading "Saved by the Well" and learning about the global water crisis.

Dream Village will also be kicking off its "Dream Maker, World Changer" contest. The prize: A full scholarship to Beam Camp, a summer camp for kids ages 7 to 14 that explores creative problem solving.

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