Satsuma Spins Bamboo for Your Newborn


If you want the best blend of comfort, health, and eco-friendliness for your newborn (and for some reason we think you do), you gotsta go with bamboo fiber. For this reason, Satsuma is starting their line with one and only one product: a 100% bamboo swaddling blanket. Easy to wash, naturally antibiotic antibacterial and non-irritating for your baby's sensitive skin, bamboo swaddles like this should be a standard gift straight from the stork's beak. And at $32, the stork should be able to drop one off without having to take a second job. We read on Satsuma's blog that they are planning a bamboo velour blankie and an adult-sized bamboo throw in the future. After all, exhausted new moms and dads need to treat themselves as well.