Sarah Silverman, Amanda Little Take On Climate Skeptic in Rowdy, Profanity-Riddled Debate (Video)


Photo via the Daily Green

Last night I attended what may be the strangest green-themed event ever. In order to roll out their new CT 200 hybrid with a bang, Lexus hosted an evening called the Darker Side of Green. The main attraction was a debate between author Amanda Little (Power Trip) and Gore-hating Phelim McAlee (the film Not Evil, Just Wrong) 'moderated' by Sarah Silverman (I say 'moderated' because as you'll see in the videos below, she had no qualms about jumping right in), but also featured were two trendy DJs, the New York club scene, and free Patron booze. It was noisy, messy, and weird. But it was also hilarious. I brought the ol' Flip Camera along, and happened to catch some nuggets. Videos after the jump:Here's Amanda Little explaining why "Climate Gate" is a "huge waste of time":

Here, Phalen rebuts, using the standard ClimateGate talking points. Sarah Silverman hands it to him.

Here's Amanda Little explaining how strong the science for climate change is:

Watch this space--I'll add more videos as I upload them. It really was a wacky night . . .

And more . . .

Continued . . .


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