San Francisco's Waldorf High School Avoids Landfill, Finds Rebirth as Green High School of Future

Designed with the idea of fostering an atmosphere where independent thought and personal social responsibility are the norm rather than the exception, the Waldorf School’s newest addition to their thousand strong campuses around the world is an interesting take on the future of high schools everywhere. Essentially, they’ve taken the initiative to completely redesign their high school building in San Francisco, and they’re unveiling the new digs just around the corner on Sept. 17th. So what have they chosen to include in this, the high school of the future? Well, for starters how about the fact that rather than demolishing the old building they simply saved the pieces, and through a bit of technological wizardry were able to put them all back together again. Of course, this time they’re in a much greener configuration. With a smarter usage of natural light, heat and ventilation, the addition of a 99% efficient boiler, smart sensors that pump outside air in if C02 levels get too high inside, infrared and C02 sensors to locate vacant rooms and adjust ventilation accordingly, new energy-efficient windows, and even cabinets and counter tops made from recycled paper and glue composite they’re aiming to help students put those lessons on independent thought and personal responsibility into action.

And ultimately, in fact, they’ve even made the grade as San Francisco’s first LEED Gold high school. With a ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for 8pm on the 17th, and the tour directly following it promising to be a classic peek into the future, I do suspect it may be a great opportunity to stop by and congratulate a justifiably beaming group of parents, teachers, students, administrators, and board members.

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