San Diego Fun Runs Support Solar Projects in Africa

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Image source: Sun Strides
Sun Strides is merging two things that southern Californian's love - the sun and athletic activities - to raise funds for solar projects in Africa. 5, 10, 15K, whatever your passion or punishment, there is a spot for you at the starting line. This past summer, Sun Strides put solar panels on a junior primary school in Arusha, Tanzania. Their next "hurdle" is to raise funds to create a sustainable volunteer camp in the same community.
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Races are held regularly, with an Eco-Run, a Pumpkin Patch 5K, a Turkey Trot, and a New Years Resolution on the 3rd of January 2009, just in time to kick all of those new years resolutions into gear. Rachel Hiner and Mindy Rhoades, the organizers behind Sun Strides, also plan to host other parties and fundraising events over the next few months.

Students at the Shepherds Junior School Photo

Hiner and Rhoades originally got involved organizing races for different charities, but never felt a direct connection with any of them. Then when the two traveled to Tanzania, their world changed. They met with several locals to get contacts and found a school that was being kicked out of its building and was moving to a new site with no electricity. The two changed all of their upcoming races to raise money for this school and Sun Strides was born.

Solar Panels on Shepherds Junior School Photo

The Shepherds Junior School, was built with a microloan from Epic Change, and the panels were installed by Helvetic Solar, one of the only solar companies that the ladies could find in Tanzania.

So if you live in San Diego or the surrounding area, strap shoes on your feet and get out there. There's a village in Africa that needs your help. To sign up for the next race, or at least find out how to get involved, you can find them online.

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