Salewa's Helium - More Sport with Less Helmet


An effective eco-design will be multi-functional, without having compromised its essential integrity. For example, a Swiss Army knife’s screwdriver is not perfect, but it can competently get the job done. Some months ago the strap on my bike helmet broke. At the same time I was getting back into some rockclimbing. So thoughts naturally coalesced around whether one helmet might do many things. Hopefully I'd spend less money and the planet would surrender up less resources, than if I owned many helmets. After some digging around found the Helium from German outdoor manufacturer, Salewa. Fashioned by Italian bike helmet maker, MET, whom we mentioned when quizzed on helmets earlier this year, the Helium weighs less than 270g (9.5 oz). This skid-lid has been tested and certified in the EU as safe for canoeing, climbing and cycling. And although not as well ventilated as a pure cycling helmet, it is more than fine for commuting and city riding, though when temps get above 35°C this coming southern summer I might change my tune. (Salewa do offer the Krypton, which is even lighter, has greater ventilation and is additionally certified for horse-riding, but it’s about a third more expensive.) In the UK you can pick up a Helium for £49.50. It fits head sizes 54.5cm to 62cm, meaning they only need make one size to suit people. ::Salewa Helium.