Sailors Tow Aquair Generator to Produce Power

Sailors pride themselves on their ability to harness the power of nature to steer their vessels and are not above lording it over less (ahem) sophisticated watercraft that depend exclusively on fossil fuels. While using the wind to move across the sea is indeed more eco-friendly recreation, most modern sailboats are not without some kind of battery-powered amenity. The Aquair 100 Towed Turbine Generator for Yachts offers sailors the chance to put one more notch in their self-reliance belt. The Aquair 100 is placed in the water while cruising and generates power that is sent to the battery via a cable rope. Yachts using the Aquair do not need to run their engines as frequently to recharge service batteries; reducing both fuel use and pollution. The Aquair 100 generates sufficient power to run an autopilot, maintain navigation equipment or support a fridge. When at anchor, the generator can be converted to wind generation. [By Erin Oliver]