Rustle The Leaf's Earth Day Book Puts Us In The Picture

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Our favourite enviro funny men Dave Poncé and Dan Wright a.k.a. Rustle The Leaf have, in collaboration with those squeaky clean folk at Citra-Solv, created a step by step guide to the upcoming Earth Day on April 22. With their inimitable straight talking and funny cartoons Rustle The Leaf always manage to convey the most serious of messages with a humorous twist. The Earth Day Book is a 12-page booklet filled with activities and information about Earth Day and other environmentally-related topics. The inside cover detaches to reveal a beautiful, full-color poster called 'Rustle the Leaf's Earth Day Pledge.' There are 100 000 copies which they are giving away on a first come first served basis, so you better move fast since Dave Poncé tells us they are going like hot cakes – 10 000 were ordered on just one day last week! The Earth Day Book is completely free, you don’t even have to pay for post or packaging. You can order your copy until March 20 at Rustle The Leaf or Citra-Solv. via: Dave Poncé at Rustle The Leaf.

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