Rustle The Leaf: Eco-Comic

Created by Dan Wright and Dave Ponce, Rustle the Leaf is a great eco-comic, both from the entertainment/artistic and the communication/activism point of view. In the words of its creators: "Rustle the Leaf is an online outreach that uses syndication-quality, weekly comic strips and other creative tools to communicate essential environmental themes and truths. Our goals are to encourage environmentalists, to facilitate the sharing of environmental views in an engaging, nonconfrontational manner, and to introduce and reinforce environmental education with people ages 6 to 106. [...] Rustle and his pals may seem like simple cartoons, but we know they are far more...They are engaging, memorable, straight-talking ambassadors for our cause...and our future." Keep up the good work, guys! We strongly encourage our readers, especially schoolteachers, to check out: ::Rustle the Leaf