Ruffalo Honored for Anti-Fracking, Begley Crowned King for Freaking Everything Green

jamie lee curtis photo

Jamie Lee Curtis praises Global Green's Green Schools and Ed Begley Jr. Photos by R.Cruger

At last weekend's 15th annual Millennium Awards thrown by Global Green, LA's biggest environmental organization, the honored guests included actor Mark Ruffalo for his anti-hydrofracking efforts, and finally, Ed Begley Jr. got a prize! Jamie Lee Curtis introduced him: "Ed's a pulsing example of an environmentalist every single freaking day. Begley is a pain in my ass. I'm too embarrassed to have him over. I get hives." Then her husband director Christopher Guest took the mike.

ed begley jr award image

Ed Begley Jr. wins another green award for "walking the talk," says Jaime Lee Curtis.

Guest joked about how Begley's tireless conversion happened after an audition for Froot Loops. After a standing ovation for the actor/environmentalist, Begley credited his pals Guest and Curtis as early adopters with their hydrogen car and asked the crowd to be green warriors. Everyone who followed echoed the same sentiment: "Ed, you're our hero."

kevin bacon and kyra sedgewick photo

Kevin and Kyra use stainless water bottles, reusable bags, walk, and say "Ed is the king of green."

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick took the stage to welcome guests to the fundraiser at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, including actor/activists Orlando Bloom, Sharon Lawrence and Adrian Grenier, long-time supporters of Global Green. On the green carpet Grenier pitched SHFT, the environmental website and shop he co-curates for all-things eco-conscious, from architecture and energy to food and travel which just won two Webby awards. (He wouldn't reveal his 5-word acceptance speech. "Watch it June 13th on Facebook.")

peter glatzer adrian grenier photo© Roberta Cruger

Film producer Peter Glatzer and Adrian Grenier: "If you don't keep stuff and pass it on, it's not green."

CEO Matt Peterson recapped Global Green's many efforts, including its City Carbon Index, projects with Habitat for Humanity, and its Build It Back Green program following Hurricane Katrina. He announced that its five new green houses in the New Orleans' 9th Ward would be at full occupancy this summer. Videos highlighted Global Green's Green Schools projects from New York and Haiti to Los Angeles with organic gardens, daylighting and green curriculums. He also announced event sponsor Sprint's latest green cell phone, the Samsung Replenish.

ed oneill and catherine rusoff image

Modern Family's Ed O'Neill: "I'm like the reverse of 'Living With Ed!" His wife Catherine Rusoff with her repurposed handbag: "Actually, Ed's not a big consumer."
LA Gets Feed-in Tariffs
LA's City Council president Eric Garcetti saluted the Los Angeles Business Council for all its energy-efficient projects from greening existing high-rises to its Solar Feed-in Tariffs proposal, revealing another announcement: the Solar Feed-in Tariffs passed and millions of rooftops across the city could get solar panels with the ability to sell-back energy to the Department of Water and Power, noting that the 600 megawatt program will create 11,000 jobs.

coda electric car image

Sponsor Coda electric vehicle on the green carpet next to a solar generator.

The Environmental Awards went for leadership in business, communities (including entertainment) and philanthropy. The next prize went to Wendy Schmidt for her 11th Hour Project and Climate Central, and support of NRDC, Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institute, Grist, etc. Her inspirational acceptance speech called for a "second industrial revolution" to mimic nature, harness and store energy. She cited Proctor & Gamble's ad promoting 40% less packaging to sell its product as a good sign things are shifting.

mark ruffalo image

Actor Mark Ruffalo described gas hydrofracking as "changing cabins on the Titanic."

Laura Dern took the podium to introduce Mark Ruffalo and his successful campaign anti-hydrofracking in New York State. The Oscar nominee for The Kids Are All Right compared the extraction of natural gas "like changing cabins on the Titanic." It's a bridge to another fossil fuel that's not sustainable, he said, citing the film Gasland and the contamination of groundwater. "If you're losing hope, you're not doing enough."

global green centerpiece image

Organic vegetable centerpieces vanished after the at Global Green awards.

That call-to-action moved the room. Going beyond the low-hanging fruit of going green by changing lightbulbs and recycling, Global Green supporters, take up causes from Green Wish to Oceana. They toss out facts and figures on the green carpet: "Cities account for 70% of greenhouse gasses," said Kyra Sedgwick and television producer Norman Lear stated categorically, "Global warming is the most pressing issue of the day." Before Jamie Lee Curtis left the stage, she encouraged attendees, "Take the centerpieces home and make soup!"

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Ruffalo Honored for Anti-Fracking, Begley Crowned King for Freaking Everything Green
At last weekend's 15th annual Millennium Awards thrown by Global Green, LA's biggest environmental organization, the honored guests included actor Mark Ruffalo

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