Roz Savage Starts 3rd Leg of Pacific Ocean Row, Takes Aim at Plastic Pollution (Video)

roz savage rowing photo

Photo via Roz Savage, Flickr

Roz Savage is one of our favorite ocean adventurers and advocates. She was recently aboard the TED Mission Blue Voyage in the Galapagos and she explained to the crowd just why it is she is rowing solo across the Pacific Ocean. She starts the 3rd and final leg of her row this week, with a hope of raising awareness of the problem of plastic pollution.

A few months ago we caught Roz at the Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco, where a documentary detailing the difficulty of rowing across an ocean preceded a Q&A; with her about her experiences. She just might be picking one of the most challenging ways possible to bring awareness to the plight of our oceans, but also one of the most personally rewarding.

Go Roz!

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