Roz Savage Rows Home a Key Message for Blue August (Video)

roz savage san francisco photo

Photo via Roz Savage

The end of August is approaching and with it, Blue August, our month-long focus on everything water related, from drinking water to ocean acidification. But it doesn't mean that the end of the month means the end of staying aware of what's happening to our oceans and water supplies. Roz Savage, an eco-warrior we greatly admire, gives us a great message to end the month on an inspiring note. Check out the video after the jump.

This might be one of the most influential issues for getting us to think about plastic...we really, really don't want to end up eating it any time soon, let alone see so many animals consuming it with fatal results. Luckily, we can do something about it.

Check out all sorts of ways you can stay involved and make a difference over at Planet Green. You can read all our Blue August coverage here on TreeHugger. And of course Roz Savage's rowing adventures can be tracked on her website.

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