Rodedawg: Out-Hummering the Hummer

Here's a new road-monstrosity for the un-treehugger category: Beijing Jeep, Chrysler's Chinese partner, makes amphibious vehicles. They used to be sold only to the Chinese military, but Rodedawg International Industries has bought the marketing rights to the beasts and intend to sell them to civilians all around the globe for around $50,000 apiece. Sadly, it is a predictable thing that many insecure suburbanites will trade in their Hummers for one of those, "just in case" they ever need both the off-road and amphibious capabilities, y'know. I wonder if these things come with spray-on mud? Gotta look adventurous to impress the in-laws...

::Rodedawg Official Website, via ::Jalopnik