Rodedawg Coming to USA

Just when you thought it was safe for eco-minded drivers to take back the roads: on the heels of the announcement by GM that they will kill the Hummer, Rodedawg is preparing to enter the US market. TreeHugger put this one in the un-TH category when we first became aware of the vehicle which can Out-Hummer the Hummer. Now Rodedawg has announced that the vehicles are "in the Plainfield, N.J. USA Certification Center undergoing testing for compliance with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations." Brainchild of Luis Pallais, the commercial attaché to the Nicaraguan Consul General's Office in San Francisco and former auto-industry insider, Rodedawg is refitting Chinese military vehicles into truck-utility, sports-utility and convertible versions. The company lists disaster relief as the first of its two target markets, and we can certainly imagine that a vehicle with a propeller might be handy in certain situations. However, the signing of Rapper Ice-T as spokesperson suggests that Rodedawg is out to compete with the pimpedest of rides in the consumer retail sector.

The Rodedawg fuel efficiency rating is 25 mgp (9,5 L/100 km), which is a step up from the Hummer--and could its is four-cylinder, 2.77 liter Isuzu 4JB1 turbocharged diesel engine be fueled by bio-diesel? But at the end of the day, this is one market introduction which tests the direction of the American consumer: can Americans without a commute through the swamp or a Katrina on their daily "to-do" list just say no?