Rocking Tyres — recycled car tyre swings by Wild Life Creations.


Do you remember when you were a kid on those idyllic sunny days, swinging on an old tyre from a tree branch, with someone pushing you higher and higher into the air or another kid wanting his turn and trying to push you off! Ohhhh those were the days…. Unfortunately we don’t have as much time to swing from trees these days, but, as is the way of the world, the evolution of brilliantly simple ideas, such as the old tyre swing, continues apace. Today we bring you the new generation of recycled car tyre swings. Our local Treehugger scout spotted these amazing creations the other day at Vinçon’s, our favourite Barcelona design store. The fantastically named Wild Life Creations International have transformed what was nothing more than an old tyre and some rope into some seriously cool zoomorphic swings. Dogs, Horses, Bulls, Kangaroos and even Dinosaurs and a Dragon! They also have a motorbike and a plane, all made from recycled tyres. The great news is that they are built to hold weight up to 200 lbs, so the bigger kids amongst us might want to start fitting tree swinging into their busy schedules. A couple of warnings though, do be sure to tie it to a sturdy branch and don’t be surprised if you get pushed off by a kid wanting his turn!
Swings are available at:
::Vinçon's in Barcelona or online, for example at
[Leonora & Petz]