Rockers With a Heart for Kids


While driving in the rain near my home in NY I noticed a bumper sticker on the car in front of me for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation that featured kids and something about the environment in Hawaii. Wondering how a bumper sticker from a Hawaiian non-profit ended up on a car in NY was definitely intriguing on its own, so I jumped online to check it out. Turns out they’re really rockers with a heart for kids, because just recently Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam teamed up with fellow musician Jack Johnson on the island of Oahu for the 4th annual Kokua Festival to benefit the foundation. Johnson, who founded the non-profit along with his wife Kim played host to the sold out crowd. And the best part is that all proceeds went to benefit the foundation, which as I suspected focuses on helping kids in Hawaii appreciate the environment and better understand how to protect it. Some of the really great projects they’re involved with include supporting school recycling on the island of Oahu, helping to sponsor field trips and curriculum in schools, and a new program they’re developing called ‘AINA in Schools. That’s a program that works with local farms to bring healthier lunches into schools while educating kids about farms themselves, and the land we depend on for food. And they practice what they preach too, because the concerts organizers worked to reduce the environmental impact of the show by offsetting it’s emissions, running generators and festival vehicles on bio-diesel, recycling, using biodegradable concession ware, and offering eco-friendly merchandise including reusable totes, bottles, and organic cotton clothing. It was also featured as the first MySpace Live event of 2007, which offered everyone who didn’t get tickets a great way to catch the show. So if you did catch the show there but didn’t get a chance to donate then maybe you’d like to head here to lend a hand; because it could be a great way to make a difference for kids in Hawaii and it would also be terrific proof that bumper stickers from Hawaii can travel all the way to places like NY and still make a difference. Go figure!