Rock and Ice's Sprout Awards


Rock and Ice is a climber’s magazine, as its name might suggest. They recently scribed:

It’s no secret that the future could be hotter than a two-dollar pistol firing uphill unless we check up and start respecting Mother Earth. The next generation is facing new challenges brought on by our shortsighted use of resources. On the plus side, there’s a sea change occurring as individuals and companies address the imbalances affecting our planet and the people who live on it. Sure, there is a long way to go before we’ve solved the problems, and today’s solutions are simply the first steps toward sustainability.

Like TreeHugger, Rock and Ice figured there was merit in giving credit to those companies making an effort to improve their planetary impact, either environmentally or socially. So they’ve established the Sprout Award. This ongoing award will acknowledge different forward thinkers each issue. To kick things off they gave the first gong to Climashield for their recycled insulation, which claims to be warmer, lighter and tougher than down. Not that they're the first to make that suggestion! [Climashield green is said to be used by Patagonia in their Micro Puff series, which also have shells of recycled polyester fabric. (pics after the jump).] You can see a long list of other green initiatives from the outdoor industry at the awards website. ::Rock and Ice Sprout Award.


Patagonia Micro Puff garments use Sprout Award winning Climashield.