Robot Godzilla to Invade Coachella, Excrete Recyclables

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The dinosaurs went extinct. Hopefully we won't anytime soon, with some help from a giant Godzilla. I mean, T-Rex. And he's a robot, appearing at the Coachella music festival in California. You feed him your recyclables, and his poop is prized.

The dinosaur, nicknamed Recyclosaurus Rex, is appearing in Indio courtesy of Global Inheritance, a Los Angeles nonprofit that's practically a fixture at summer concert extravaganzas. This group doesn't sing, unless you count the praises of recycling and renewable energy ... and creating a little awareness to mix in with loud music and, um, beverages.

Coachella is doubling down for two weekends in April, with a lineup that includes The Black Keys, Radiohead, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Here's a video from last year's sustainability efforts at Coachella, which are in full effect and then some for 2012.

The robotic Rex, standing 20 feet tall, will be roaming the 2012 Coachella grounds looking for food. Thankfully, he craves empty bottles and cans rather than people (see Jurassic Park).

This T-Rex is what he eats, and is designed to "take giant square T-Rex droppings" each as big as a bale of hay, according to Global Inheritance reps. There's a contest associated with this part. The person who comes up with the best idea on how to use the dino droppings on site will win "a special prize pack."

Who's got ideas? You can email them to

Robot Godzilla to Invade Coachella, Excrete Recyclables
T-Rex to consume recyclables at Coachella. Prize offered for best use of the dino droppings. Really.

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