Roadshow Gets Your Motor Runnin' (On Biodiesel)


Tour transport company Roadshow Services is gettin' on the highway with Melissa Etheridge, String Cheese Incident, Pearl Jam, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young using B99 (99% biofuel) to run the tour trucks. In an interview with Pollstar, Roadshow VP Sean O'Rourke explained the company's green epiphany: "… I'd been asking Neil (Young's) production if we could take a shot at the tour trucking, they said ‘Yeah, with one caveat - that you figure out how to power your trucks with biodiesel." Taking up the bio-gauntlet, they became the first trucking company to tour on B100 (others had tried B5, but none had gone for 'neat' 100 percent soy diesel). "Although we're pioneers in terms of our industry in making this happen, it really needs to be brought up that you don't have to do 80 percent petroleum and 20 percent biodiesel. You could go with the ‘neat' product and really kick it into high gear in terms of being an agent of change." ::Via Pollstar