RISD and Brown Students Collaborate on a Remarkable Sustainable Design Conference


This year marks the 3rd annual Better World by Design conference featuring inspiring and diverse speakers from around the world. The conference takes place in Providence, Rhode Island and is a collaborative effort run by students from Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. Every year presenters share engaging stories, workshops are conducted, and discussions allow attendees to learn, meet and challenge convention. Having attend for the last few years, I can always say that this multiple-day conference is an immersive experience, exploring and defining the power of design, technology, and enterprise.In conjunction with this year's conference, a Better World by Design will offer two exciting social events featuring live music, organic mixology, artist demonstrations, and local food. The events will take plast at two emerging sustainability hotspots in Providence including the Box Office and the Steel Yard.

A Better World by Design will be held from October 1st to 3rd, 2010 and will serve as a unique platform linking hundreds of enthusiastic, motivated young people to individuals and companies. Last year the conference brought together over 500 attendees from six different continents and the organizers are anticipating an even higher number this year. A key component of this conference is the important role design has to play in addressing some of our most pressing challenges facing our environment, economies and impoverished citizens of the world.

For more information and a full list of speakers, visit abetterworldbydesign.com.

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