Rip Curl Planet - Waxheads for a Wise World


We knew about the two much lauded not-for-profits Surfrider Foundation and Surfers Against Sewage, and even the work of the Quiksilver Initiative, but somehow we'd overlooked Rip Curl Planet. Fast approaching 40 years of surf business, this iconic Australian brand, now with strong French influence has been looking to green itself and it's industry. Garments will get tagged 'Rip Curl Planet', if they contain a minimum of 55% ecological materials such as organic cotton, linen, hemp or recycled material. They intend for 10% of all their apparel to go this way by Spring/Summer season of 2008, with an extra push to get 20% of T-shirts - their largest part of sales - into 100% organic cotton. During this year they are hoping to know the results of study that's looking into recycling of neoprene wetsuits. Additionally they have moved to a paper carry bags over plastic bags. Small steps, to be sure, but pleased to see they are at least making some waves. Curiously they suggest one of the complications in going green is that "the demand from the customers, who are not particularly aware of the issues, is still too weak." Maybe they need more tongue-in-cheek education, like the little Surfrider Foundation mockumentary on the site showing surfers as a threaten species. ::Rip Curl Planet.

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