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The Creative Places + Spaces conference was billed as "one of the world's leading forums on creativity," and it has certainly lived up to that. The theme was the Collaborative City, and the outcome is hoped to be "guiding principles on what cities and communities need to do to foster creativity through collaboration."

Richard Florida, author of, most recently, Who's your City, had a tough act to follow, speaking after the truly mindblowing Sir Ken Robinson. But he rose to the occasion, asking where creativity comes from.

Florida thinks great things are going to come out of the current "Great Reset."


Thomas Edison

Florida claims the two previous Great Resets created opportunities for major change. The 1870 Reset changes America from an agrarian nation to an industrial one, with the start of Edison and Westinghouse and other innovators.

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Rural Electrification in 1935; Broadband and Green Electricity Today

The second reset brought about the expansion of the highway system, rural electrification, new universities and a rebuilding of the education system and the start of the great suburban experiment.

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The third reset could bring about the next great change, perhaps high speed rail tying together the pieces of the various megalopoli that have formed, the Bos-Washes and the Tor-buf-chesters that could generate so much creativity and innovation. Also, a restructuring and rebuilding of the suburbs, leading to intensification rather than expansion.

Florida picked up on Sir Ken Robinson's point that everyone is creative until it gets beaten out of us in school, or we get stuck in what Jane Jacobs called the "plantation mentality" where everything is controlled by the few at the top. Jane Jacobs told him that

Creativity is everywhere, it is the squelchers that are the problem.
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