Richard Branson Wants Natalie Imbruglia To Host Green Show

Richard Branson

Virgin Records founder Richard Branson is reportedly hoping to rope in singer and actress Natalie Imbruglia as the host of his new eco-friendly TV series. The British airline and media mogul, who made his green pledge last year under pressure from Al Gore and Ted Turner, wants the singer to front a new show on his Virgin 1 channel. In the show she'll visit the homes of celebrities and blast them for not being more environmentally friendly. This is the latest in Branson’s drive to be green, having started many environmental and carbon reducing initiatives and investing millions in for example research for biofuels for jet planes, removing atmospheric carbon dioxide and fighting global warming.

The green show would be another string to the bow for actress and singer Imbruglia, who is currently shooting new movie Elise in Adelaide, Australia.

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