Re:Vision Foments Re:Volt, the First of Five Design Competitions


You have the power to change. Urban Revision is looking for revolutionary ideas you have pondered to completely revise the way we live in urban communities. Could you win one of three $2000 awards or 7 honorable mentions and influence the future of urban development with your vision of how:

  • Industry can stop polluting the air and water?

  • Visitors can generate energy for the building?

  • Buildings can capture the sun and wind?

  • Offices can be more energy efficient?

  • Homes can lower their utility bills to zero?

The idea is to take existing infrastructures (rooftops, bus shelters, telephone poles...) as a jumping-off point for a whole new way to power more for less. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Sustainability and Reality of Intent - 33%

  • Affordability and Constructability - 33%

  • Innovation and Originality - 33%

  • Judges discretion - 1%

If your professional field is design or architecture, be sure you agree with the conditions of the competition before submitting your ideas. If you are not active in the field, but you think you have an idea that could change the world, simply go for it! The registration deadline is March 15, 2007 and entries must be submitted with a postmark not older than April 1, 2007. Contest Fee: $25.

This is the first in a series of five competitions. Look forward to Re:Route, New thinking on urban transportation; Re:Store, Green innovation for a healthy urban economy; Re:Connect, Urban planning for people and place; and Re:Vision, Architecture for a sustainable urban community.

Via ::Urban Revision
Image: Photo Art by Kristof