Review of Book Review: Joseph Romm on Monbiot

Joseph Romm is not a book reviewer; he is author of Hell and High Water, Assistant Secretary of Energy in the Clinton Administration, strong critic of the hydrogen hype and a contributor to Grist. Book reviewers read books and review them; not Romm, he is an author of a competitor for shelf space and hardly a dispassionate observer, so he settles for a driveby shooting, saying "short review: You can skip George Monbiot's book Heat"

It gets worse. Romm doesn't actually read the book, he reviews the index. He gets it wrong, accusing George of liking hydrogen for transport (he doesn't) and he is outraged that Monbiot was less than impressed with the Clinton-Gore administration, which of course handled Kyoto so effectively. He doesn't like Monbiot's ideas about electricity generation; Neither do I. But I read the book, not the index, and think that we need every strong and articulate voice for change on the same side of the argument instead of cherrypicking one's own particular bête noire and discounting the rest, or as Laumer calls it, yet another circular firing squad.

Grist's Gar Lipow was more positive in his review here, so was Sami in TreeHugger.

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