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Fashionable, Flexible, and Socially Responsible

Designed in New Jersey, sourced and manufactured in New Orleans; these reusable shopping bags support Americans as well as a green lifestyle, with emphasis on style. "What'S ur Bag" was dreamed up by Susan Princiotto (designer, founder and CEO) and Joan Elmore-Nutting (Business Development and Marketing specialist) because they could not find a reusable bag that met their expectations.

After many prototypes, a happy coincidence occurred: the fabric selected for its bright green flair was the perfect combination of light, small when empty and able to contain a lot when full. Even better, the gentle bounce of the elastic fabric harmonized with each step, making the bag seem a lighter load. The fabric application was trademarked as its-laS-tik(TM), as in "it's not paper, it's not plastic, its-laS-tik!" And a bag was born.What'S ur Bag wanted to avoid offshoring the bag manufacturing just to save costs. Wanting to help out in the wake of Katrina, What'S ur Bag turned to NOLA and a unique relationship arose. 5% of the proceeds from bag sales go to Hope House, a New Orleans charity. Almost all operational aspects are New Orleans based. The materials, packaging and labeling is sourced in New Orleans. Bags are manufactured by a Katrina survivor who has built a thriving business. Even the website is designed by a NOLA native. For many around the world, Katrina is an ancient memory. But for those survivors who remained in the city, projects like What'S ur Bag reduce the dependency on tourism alone for bringing the city back to its once reknowned glory.

What'S ur Bag is recyclable too. Although the details are not clear on exactly how the bags are managed upon return, the company promises that if you mail the bag back at the end of its life, they will take care of the recycling. That will be a lot of washing and reusing later, of course. We hope What'S ur Bag makes it so that they will be there to meet the recycling promise.

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